MP-D melt index tester from GÖTTFERT

The 30 years old MP-D melt index tester from GÖTTFERT has served well, was regularly maintained and is still in use daily.



Roell Amsler Fast Tensile Testing Machine

Type REL 1852
12m/ 1 - 20kN max. force
Clamping for flat and round samples
20 years old, fully operational

Mechanical Tester & Grips

Mechanical Tester, 3kN, tension and compression & Vise grips for tension

RAB tensile tester Schenk

RAB tensile tester, 10kN nominal load.

Class 2 DIN 51220.

Adhesive tensile strength test DIN 53232.

Hydraulic cylinder with control unit.

Mobile version 230V, approx. 35kg.

Demonstration device.

Schenck S56

Electronic control

For the control, regulation and monitoring of servo-hydraulic hydropulse cylinders.

Measurement, display, monitoring and output of paths, forces and expansion.

Freely selectable measured variables.

Schenck digital controller 4900

1 channel Schenck digital controller for control, regulation, monitoring of servo-hydraulic hydropulse actuators.

Measurement, display, monitoring and output of displacements, forces. Used.

Schenck S59

Electronic control for regulation

For control, regulation and monitoring of up to 4 hydropulse cylinders individually or synchronously.

Measurement, display, monitoring and output of paths, forces and freely selectable measured variables.

Equipped with one control board.

Universal measurement and control amplifier for Instron 8800 or 8400 controllers

Individual measuring and control amplifiers.

Measuring amplifiers for an additional measuring channel.

Suitable for DMS (ohmic transducers), LVDT (inductive transducers) or ± 10 V signal. DC or 5kHz carrier frequency.

Signal can also be used as control variable.

19 bit measured value resolution over the entire measuring range.

Automatic transducer recognition and calibration to simplify setup and avoid overloading the transducer.


Instron 8800 Digital Controller

Expandable Labtronic Tower Labtronic 8800.

Plug-in unit, power supply unit, control panel for 4 connection valves and hydraulic unit operation.

6 slots for control loop cards or multi-channel measuring cards, emergency stop switch, HS-GPIB interface for PC connection, castors for easy transport in the laboratory, with measuring amplifier for cylinder displacement transducers and a further measuring variable (e.g. extensometer).

Can be equipped with a total of 4 measuring amplifier modules.

PIDL controller, integrated peak value control, setpoint generator, limit value monitoring.

Equipped with: one 8800 controller card (IAC) and four measuring amplifiers. Actuator interface with 62-pin connector. Used.

MTS Flextest IIm boards

8 pcs. AC Cond 497.13

8 pcs. Dual DC 497.22

4 pcs. Valve Driver 497.15

4 pcs. Dual Valv Driver 497.26

without cable

with software for Win7


Servo Valves

2 pcs servo valve Moog D072-008 according picture.

Schenck hydraulic actuator 7 kN

Schenck Minipuls actuators with hydrostatic bearing.

Installed in 4 column test frames.

Works within the range from less than 1 Hz up to 1000 Hz,

generates forces up to 7kN and can be used for shock tests as well as for tests with any periodic or random signals.

Suitable for:

- Schenck hydraulic power pack

- Schenck digital electronics S56

Schenck hydraulic power pack

Schenck hydraulic power pack 12l/min 280bar.

Water cooling. Only about 7’700 operating hours.

Very good condition. Suitable for Schenk Hydropuls actuator PL7.


Digital electronics S56

Control, regulation and monitoring of servo-hydraulic Hydropuls actuators.

Measurement, display, monitoring and output of paths, forces and strain. Freely selectable measured variables.


Suitable for:

- Schenck hydraulic actuators

- Schenck hydraulic power unit

Instron force transducer

Instron load cell 10 N.

In original transport box.

Instron 2630-106 Extensometer 25mm

Strain transducer with 25 mm measuring length,

max. strain +50% / -10%,

temperature range -100°C up to +200°C.

As good as new from demo stock.

Instron 2712-004 pneumatic clamps

1 pair of pneumatic clamps,

with 1 kN load capacity, temperature range: -29°C to +80°C,

for flat or round samples with clamping jaw inserts, flat.

Sample thickness: max. 12 mm. Mounting at top: 1/4\" dowel pin; mounting at bottom:1/2\" pen.

As good as new from demo stock.

Instron 2714-004

Pneumatic cord and yarn clamping device

(Cord + Yarn Grip )

Load capacity: up to 1750 N,

sample diameter max.: 4.8 mm,

working range: -10 to +80 °C .

Pin diameter at top and bottom: 1/2".

As good as new, demo stock.

Instron 2710-003, 5 kN Screw Jaw Clamps

1 pair of screw jaw clamps,

5 kN with 1 set of clamping jaw inserts, flat/smooth,

mounting: at top: 1/2\" pen,

at bottom: 1/2\" Pen.

Used, good condition.

Hydraulic clamping machines for static tests

Hydraulic clamping machine.
 Nominal load 10kN.

Control unit LSG 24 for Hydraulic Dynamometer

Control and power unit for Dynabar hydraulic dynamometer.

With controller for speed/torque.

Digital force display.

Second hand.