TeMeCo Services

Since more than 25 years, TeMeCo is your partner in the area of static and fatigue testing of materials and components. We support our research and industry partners with the supply of testing and automation systems for the testing of vehicles and engine test systems. 

Thanks to many years of experience, we can offer professional services for maintenance, calibration and modernisation of various equipment and systems. We can supply spare parts and components like load cells, grips, servo valves etc. from stock or with short delivery time. 

Binder GmbH

Well-known companies, brands, and market leaders use the reliable environmental simulation chambers with the red triangle in their laboratories.

- Laboratory climatic test chambers to simulate constant

  and alternating environmental conditions,   

- Cooling,heating and drying chambers, 

- Vacuum drying chambers, 

- Safety drying chambers. 


Inova GmbH

With 40 years of experience, Inova GmbH is one of the world-wide market leaders for servo-hydraulic testing systems. The customers use these systems in research and development as well as in quality control. Servo hydraulic test systems are used for service load simulation as well as for material and component testing with cyclic, monotonic load sequences. 

- Hydraulic power packs pipeline systems, and manifolds

- Servo-hydraulic axial and torsional actuators 

- Turnkey test systems 

- Digital single- and multi-axis control systems 

- Modular software solutions including: 

- Fatigue testing, block programming, 

- iterative drive signal generation 

- Service load simulation, elastomer- and damper test. 


GÖTTFERT is the world market leader in the field of rheological polymer testing equipment. Continuous research, a forward-thinking approach to the development of new technologies and the improvement of existing technologies are the building blocks of a successful future at GÖTTFERT. 

- Melt flow testers (melt indexers) 

- Single and multi-channel cCapillary rheometers,

  online rheometers 

- Elastomer testing instruments (MDRs), elastographs and 


- Laboratory extruders, blow film and slit dies, film analysis 

Shimadzu GmbH

Japanese supplier of electromechanical universal test machines for tension, compression, peel or bending tests, etc. Testing machines as available as table top or floor standing devices. Hydraulic test machines for static, fatigue and impact tests and micro hardness testers. 

- Universal testing machines 

  (tension, compression, peel and bending tests) 

- Micro hardness and micro compression testers. 

- Fatigue testing machines, servo-electric testing machines 

GTM Testing and Metrology GmbH

Thanks to the scientific-technical experience and special corporate and thanks to its performance culture, GTM Testing und Metrology GmbH is the market leader for the measurement of forces and torques:

- Force, torque and combined force-torque

- Transfer standards for force and torque. 

- Development of products for force and 
  torque measuring chains. 

Messotron GmbH

Messotron manufactures industrial measurement systems with a focus on displacement and position measurement for all types of industrial and scientific applications:

- Inductive displacement transducers and eddy current sensors 

- Measuring amplifiers based on carrier frequency and 

  DC voltage, 

- Incremental rotary encoders, 

- Application-specific absolute displacement and

  position  sensors, 

- Quantities as required from OEM customers, but also from

  prototype producers. 

Star Hydraulics Ltd.

For more than 30 years, Star Hydraulics Ltd has been developing and producing high quality, long-life servo valves and proportional valves for servo-hydraulic applications. The valves are particularly durable thanks to sapphire technology. Star Hydraulics offers control, revision and upgrade for the valves of most manufacturers 

- Servo valves (two and three stage) up to 900l/min

- Proportional valves up to 80l/min

- Drive amplifiers

- Manifolds, adaptors and flushing blocks

Horiba Europe GmbH

Horiba Europe GmbH offers automotive test systems and covers the entire spectrum from state-of-the-art exhaust-gas measurement technology and engine, transmission and powertrain test benches to vehicle chassis dynamometers, brake test benches and wind tunnel scales. For Horiba systems, we offer maintenance services.

DOLI Elektronik GmbH

DOLI Elektronik GmbH is a leading supplier of electronics for material testing machines.TeMeCo with Doli modernises existing mechanical test equipment in order to preserve the value of universal test machines or fatigue test machines.  

DOLI has the comprehensive know-how about a wide range of static and fatigue test machines and its associated test equipment as extensometers amplifiers etc.